Mirroir veilli technique Like Mirror

Distressed mirrors: an effective technique to give your rooms an air of sophistication

With vintage fashion, distressed mirrors – also known as antique – have become very trendy in the world of interior decor. Do you know that today there are techniques that can recreate the effects of ageing on new mirrors? In this article, you will discover the acquired and reliable processes used by Like Mirror to create vintage style mirrors without chemical products

Distressed mirrors: manufacturing techniques used by Like Mirror

Mirrors have been used since Antiquity, while their production methods have evolved significantly over time. Until the Middle Ages, mirrors usually consisted of a single metal alloy plate which had a tendency to oxidise. With the emergence of glass mirrors during the Renaissance, techniques developed, but it wasn’t until 1835 when silver mirror glass was invented that the mirror became popularised.

On old mirrors that consisted of a glass plate with a metal sheet on the back, ageing produced a change to the reflective metal layer, originally made from mercury. To reproduce the effects of wear on old mirrors, some current manufacturers of old mirrors have simply chosen to apply an abrasive chemical treatment to the metal film.

Unlike these chemical processes, Like Mirror makes its distressed mirrors using digital printing on its high definition mirror film to create different designs that reproduce the various types of mirror wear (sagging, pricking, colours, marbling, shading). The printed film is then thermally stretched on an aluminium frame to create a customised mirror, in a large size if required.

Based on UV printing, this production method enables complete control of the effect achieved on the mirror by accurately defining the designs to reproduce from the printing file. Furthermore, it has the advantage of creating consistent effects over time and it uses no substances that are toxic to the environment.

Plafond avec miroir vieilli Like Mirror

Ceiling with distressed mirror of Like Mirror

How do you enhance your interior decor with an antique mirror?

We all remember the reflection of an old mirror burnished and marked by the effects of time, giving the room an authentic and precious atmosphere. Without question, distressed mirrors exhibit the charm of historical places and encapsulate the splendour of stately decor.

Studded, dappled or mottled, the effects of ageing on old mirrors can be used today and is useful for staging an exhibition or a show, and also to decorate a hotel lobby or a restaurant in a retro style or classic chic.

Mirrors made by Like Mirror are particularly light. They are usually used as customised ceiling mirrors to enhance the space in a public place or to give it an antique style. They also make it possible to create interesting reflections using decorative accessories such as chandeliers and to achieve innovative superimposition effects by playing with floor designs.

If you have an architectural or scenography project featuring an old mirror, feel free to contact us to learn more about the Like Mirror manufacturing process. We can help you design a completely original decor by including a customised antique mirror to suit the style of your building.


Photo credit : Like Mirror