Carpet printing – Add a personal touch to your decor

Thanks to the momentum of digital technology that has revolutionised production methods, a number of everyday products can now be personalised. T-shirts, trainers, watches and even cars can be customised to your style. So, why not floors? Digital printing can easily create good quality personalised printed carpets. You’re bound to be impressed !

Why use carpet printing?

Without doubt, personalisation has become a major trend in recent years, particularly for decoration. Digital printing on textiles or carpets is a valuable tool to stand out from the crowd and to bring a personal a touch to your decor.

Why miss out on a decorative solution that has become affordable ? You can now stand out from the crowd using a logo, message or visual: printed carpet has fully established itself as a an accessible and genuine differentiation strategy to personalise a stand or event. It can also been used to establish a brand identity in hotels or retail outlets.

How can I get a printed rug or carpet?

Carpet printing is performed using digital files that correspond to the designs that you wish to print (logo, message, image, etc.). At the same time as choosing visuals, you must also decide on the kind of carpet that you would like. For stands, points of sale, seminars and weddings, there are several quality levels available, depending on you requirements:

  • widths of 2 m (from 400 grs/m2 to 1200 grs/m2);
  • carpet tiles (from 700 grs/m2 to 1200 grs/m2);
  • rubber or PVC backed entrance mats.

If the visuals require the tiles or widths to be juxtaposed, the prints will be supplied ready to install like a jigsaw: the connections are checked beforehand in the factory to ensure a perfectly rendered design once fitted.

3 great reasons to contact CTN for your carpet printing

At CTN, our unique goal is a desire to see a job well done: that being to satisfy all our customers. That is why we have chosen to develop an entirely professional digital printing carpet service.

1/ Carpet printing quality

The process of our dye sublimation printing offers excellent colour reproduction, depicts the respective design in excellent detail and maintains a clear print over time. Digital files sent for printing are checked by technical support who perform a quality check before printing.

2/ Order processing speed

A printed rug or carpet can be completed within a tight deadline, for small sizes and by unit.

3/ Personalised service

As for all our temporary decorative coverings, we can offer you specific finishes such as printed rugs or carpets with braided cotton or seams.

Are you looking for a personalised floor covering to accentuate your or your customers’ identity at a future event? The teams at CTN are here to offer you advice on making customised printed floors. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our carpet printing services and to get a quote.

Photo credit : CTN