Acoustic canvasses: the must-have equipment for reducing noise on construction sites and for limiting noise pollution

Major renovation projects have been launched recently in the capital and elsewhere, such as La Samaritaine or the new works for the Grand Paris project. Involving significant work, these projects can last over several years and can quickly become inconvenient for the surrounding areas if their acoustic and visual protection is neglected. Why not pre-empt complaints from the start of your project by installing a canvas?

The inevitable problem of noise on construction sites

The question of noise on large building sites is a recurrent problem in buildings and public works. Unfortunately, during demolition, repair or even restoring exterior stages, the use of noisy construction equipment is required.

But the noise created by road sweepers, mechanical diggers and other compressors, along with constant traffic, can quickly turn life in the neighbourhood into an ordeal. All the more in urban environments where noise can considerably inconvenience passers-by, local residents and professionals located in the area.

Let’s take the example of the Samaritaine construction site in the centre of Paris, in the middle of a shopping area adjoining apartments and offices. The renovation is planned for three years over an area of 70,000 m², requiring a complete building restoration. For this impressive project, acoustic canvasses have been installed across the whole of the exterior to reduce the impact of construction site noise on the environment.

Implementing noise protection on the construction site

To manage construction site noise, a tarpaulin can be installed around the building to create a temporary sound screen. The textiles used for sound insulation consist of 3 layers of flexible materials:

  • PVC covering on the back ;
  • PVC mesh on the front ;
  • Between the two, a sound insulation layer which can be altered depending on your requirements.

This sound insulation solution can also be easily attached to scaffolding or barriers. If not, we can also build a structure adapted to your building to attach the canvas. Whatever the method used, the sound insulation fabrics will absorb noise and reduce the disturbance by 20 dB or more, depending on the chosen insulation. For sound volumes that can surpass 100 dB, this is a considerable decrease !

In busy or protected areas, the canvas can even have a design in trompe-l’oeil style to hide the construction site: a large size advert or a reproduction of the exterior can therefore be used to decorate the work in progress. This was used for the Samaritaine construction site: as well as acoustic canvasses, for a stylish look printed fabrics were installed to hide the exterior during the works.

Other solutions will soon be available, in particular noise barriers consisting of a steel sheet and acoustic fabric complex.

Either way, it is advisable to prevent any potential problems by installing an acoustic canvas before starting work on the construction site, rather than having to deal with residents’ complaints during work in progress. A word to the wise, Bâches de France is here for you !

Photo credit : Bâches de France